We offer scheduled and/or preventive maintenance services for mechanical equipment and installations that need to be maintained. Zlaring d.o.o. has successfully maintained mechanical systems for years and has service contracts in place with public institutions, as well as a number of private enterprises (of all sizes).

Our maintenance services cover:

  • heating

  • cooling

  • ventilation

  • air conditioning

  • gas installations

  • all types of boiler systems and heating substations

  • steam installations

  • pretreatment of consumable hot water

  • waste heat recovery

  • renewable energy sources

After executing mechanical installations, we continue to service our customers’ equipment and installations based on mutually agreed maintenance plans as defined by warranty or maintenance and intervention contracts, in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Scheduled maintenance and servicing includes examining mechanical systems, indicating potential issues, providing advice and technical support and, as agreed with our customers, we proceed to rectify any defects.

We also hold certificates required for the assembly and maintenance from the most renowned manufacturers of HVAC equipment, which significantly raises the level of quality and reliability of our services.

We use our best efforts to respond to each intervention request as soon as possible and our speed and professional response allows our customers to continue with their business without interruption and provides them with efficient energy systems.