ZLARING d.o.o., za graditeljstvo i trgovinu was established in 1991 in Zagreb. The company has its registered office at Avenija Dubrovnik 24, Zagreb. Its core business is the implementation of mechanical installation systems (air conditioning, heating, cooling, ventilation, gas installations and renewable energy sources). We are able to execute mechanical installations in most complex projects on a turnkey basis, including design, implementation of equipment and installations, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of systems. We currently employ around 70 people trained to execute mechanical installations, whose qualifications, ongoing training and experience ensure that agreed projects are successfully implemented.

The company uses its own manufacturing areas and a workshop equipped with state-of-the-art tools, devices and measuring instruments for HVAC services and also operates its own fleet of vehicles. For the purpose of sustaining its successful business, the company constantly monitors and builds on global trends, delivers training for its employees, and improves the levels of environmental protection and use of alternative energy sources. Having been in this business for over 29 years, the company has gained substantial experience in the execution of all types of mechanical installations in compliance with the highest technical standards. It has developed into a modern company that adheres to high professional values and ensures stable partnerships. The quality of our work and the ultimate satisfaction of the end user are confirmed by our references available here.


Develop into a company that is able to use modern technologies and specialists to design, execute and maintain the most complex systems in the course of its business.


Ensure that full premium-quality services are provided while adhering to the deadlines, thus optimally satisfying our business partners’ interest.


Thanks to our longstanding experience, professional skills and relationships with our business partners, our company is a leader in the field of finishing work in the construction industry.